Our treatment charges

Our price list

Every dental treatment is different, so don’t be surprised to find that charges may vary.

If everything goes smoothly generally we charge near the low end of the ranges displayed here.

If there are complications (and you’ll know if there are!) charges will rise. We will talk to you about them though, it is our duty to discuss everything with the patients!

For some patients, charges might be lower than the low end of the ranges here. EG elderly patients get PG subsidy and often pay nothing. Some elderly patients without PG also get cheaper scaling and polishing treatments because they have fewer teeth!

Katong Dental Surgery
Professional Fee Schedule as of May 2017

We do not charge GST. We do not collect Medisave Processing fees, Sterilization & Disposables fees, Registration fees, or Admin fees. Consultation fees may be waived if treatment is given.

General Consultation: $25-$40

Prophylaxis (scaling and polishing): $70-$125

Filling simple amalgam filling: $60-$90
simple tooth coloured filling: $75-$100
complex amalgam filling: $75-$120
complex tooth coloured filling: $80-$150
composite veneers: $300+
metal pin: $40
temporary: $50-$75

Extraction anterior: $60-$90
posterior: $80-$110

Oral Surgery simple: $200+
(payable by medisave) complex/ wisdom molar: $900

Root Canal Treatment single canal: $500+
double canals: $600+

Digital X Rays dental: $40
OPG/Lat Ceph: $80

Crowns porcelain/ceramic bonded: $800
gold: $1000
post core: $200
Zirconia: $1300
Implant retained: $1400

Dentures repair: $85-$150
acrylic plate: $300+
cobalt chromium: $500+
flexible: $500
per tooth, acrylic or porcelain: $30-$50

Bleaching take home: $550
in-clinic: $950

Nightguard: $600

Orthodontics Treatment (braces) Fee by Specialist:

Consultation $60-$100

Removable appliance treatment: $1200
review: $150-$200

Functional appliance treatment $1800
review: $200-$250

Braces treatment metallic $4600+
(include retainers) ceramic $5500+
(interest free installment) Damon III $5000+

Retainer Review (depends on complexity) $70-$120