Many enormous headaches

Originally I didn’t want this to become a personal blog, but I have been having headaches at every turn and it is only so easy to update this website by posting content to this blog this way.


In business there are many headaches. Running a dental clinic is tremendously complex and in our complicated world, many of the complications aren’t necessary or get unnecessarily made more complicated by the situations we all find ourselves in.


I can’t even list down 1% of the headaches.


But I struggled with entering my own domain today. All I wanted to do was put in a recruitment poster and add a map to the ‘Finding Us’ page. But somehow I couldn’t get in using the password I’d registered originally, and had to use Vodien help to reset the password because I don’t remember the 4-digit reset password which you have to enter if you forgot the password.


Then on getting in I found that my reset password was my credit card number. HUH? Why would I have used it in the past as a reset password? I avoid typing my credit card number at all times except when absolutely necessary.


Then I couldn’t get into WordPress, which requires a different login and password from Vodien Hosting and Vodien Cpanel. So that’s the 3rd password problem. I was forced to reset. Except I couldn’t reset. Because this WordPress had been set up with an admin email account, and although it is defined as an admin account, there was no account actually.


Everything I did in cpanel totally failed to set up a usable email account. So I can’t make changes. Emails are bounced back. (The problem is that I got Google to host my email, so I don’t know the settings. There is no way a layperson like me can remember all the steps that my Google Tech Support guided me through.)


This is by no means the end of the story for password entry to this website alone. But I don’t have time to write more… (gotta move to my next post, about recruitment). Frankly, this entire post has been made to express some frustration.