Finding a dentist from Guillemard Road

Dentist in Guillemard Rd,

Katong Dental was established at 504 Guillemard Road for many years from the mid-1980s to late 1990s, so we have many patients from these areas.

The Guillemard Road I am talking about, is actually a much quieter branch off the main Guillemard Road, still called Guillemard Road, and opposite City Plaza.

At that time we had a very small floor space, less than 450 sf. Yet Dr. Goh managed to design his unit very effectively, creating enough room for two treatment rooms and 1 x-ray room. He was even featured in a Japanese dental society magazine and received visits from Japanese dentists who wanted to learn how to put as many facilities as possible in the smallest possible area!

At 504 Guillemard Road we had a back door that most patients didn’t notice. The entire rear wall of Dr. Goh’s treatment room was actually a sliding door, so Dr. Goh could slip out for lunch without being noticed. Quite often he had to do that because it was difficult to manage the patient flow.

Back then the area that is now part of the One KM mall, hosted a huge old shophouse that was occupied by various cheap retailers and then Sheng Siong. There was also a coffee shop past a carpark with reasonably good food, as well as a KFC and a Macdonald’s nearby in the Lion City Hotel building (or adjoining building, I don’t remember if they were part of the same building.)

Dr. Goh would eat at the coffee shop. The KFC and Macdonald’s were for bringing the kids. Kids everywhere and everytime always prefer fast food, it seems. Then when they grow up they kind of graduate from fast food most of the time, and lose all interest…

Dr. Goh moved the clinic to its current location along Geylang Road because of expansion plans that didn’t materialize in the end. The clinic was rented out to a laundromat back when quite few people used laundry services. Then after another 10+ years, we were evicted when the building was en-bloced. Now there is a really tall, swanky apartment building called Esta Ruby standing in place of the old building.

if you’re living in the residences along Guillemard Road, you’d want a dentist nearby

There is a significant population of new citizens from China in these areas.

(Talk about the main guillemard road, changes? How to tell people to get to us from these diverse places?)

This is City Plaza, they have a park next to Guillemard Road. Katong Dental used to be facing City Plaza!

City Plaza has changed entirely in the past 30 years. It used to be a very Chinese place. There was a Chinese restaurant that Dr. Goh really liked on the top floor, and People’s Emporium was an anchor tenant for many years into late 1980s. This was back before China became a workshop for the world, so Chinese products were of very varied quality. Some things were really shoddy, and some things were incredibly good and cheap. Such as two children’s pianos we bought from People’s Emporium. These were wooden and stringed instruments, except in small size basically for toddlers and preschoolers. They were well tuned and sounded good, and the prices were dirt cheap. People’s Emporium was the equivalent of Sheng Siong in the 1980s; it sold stuff for lower income groups.

In the past, City Plaza was comparable to Lucky Plaza and Sim Lim Square for its tech goods. Radios, walkmans, digital gadget watches when Casio was not a household name, VCRs and big televisions (when big televisions were CRT)… they were all here. Nowadays when you go over you see a very different selling profile.

Now City Plaza has become a magnet for foreign workers. There are at least 10 remittance centres of various kinds in that building. The surrounding parks are incredibly crowded during Muslim festivals (for Indonesian maids) and on Sundays (for Filipino maids). We’ve had had several Filipino employees live in the surrounding areas (mainly in new residential developments along the main Guillemard Road).

City Plaza is also a wholesale clothes hub. We have introduced severely overweight patients to City Plaza before, because they could more easily find clothes that fit them.

Much of this area is well populated now, but there are not many dental clinics. So find us by travelling Eastwards if you’re along the main Guillemard Road, then turning left into Geylang Road.

If you’re coming from Esta Ruby, you should come by foot. It’s close enough. If you are driving, then turn East or right out of Esta Ruby into Tanjong Katong Road, then turn left into Geylang Road.

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