Finding a Dentist from Eunos and Geylang Serai

Dentist in Geylang Serai/ Eunos

If you’re coming from Geylang Serai, it is a straight drive or bus ride down Changi Road
2, 13, 21, 26, 51, 67 will take you down Geylang Road. Stop at the 7-11 once you pass Guillemard Road.

or if you’re taking 24, 28, 76, 155, then your bus will turn right/ North and you can stop just before the Geylang Fire Station.

Drivers just go straight until they see Geylang Lorong 37. Turn right for the carpark.

Geylang Serai is an interesting place, and I suspect based on the current construction, that even more interesting days lie ahead. The government is clearly intending to build this entire area up. Possibly in some years it will be as developed and busy as Dhoby Ghaut is now. The projected level of expansion of office space is very substantial.

This is where the famous Geylang Serai Id Bazaar is situated during Ramadan. We’re just a few hundred metres away!

There are maybe a couple of clinics down Changi Road/ Geylang Road before Guillemard Road.

What makes Geylang Serai internationally famous and a viable tourist draw, is the Malay culture that is found here. The Malay food here is most authentic, and there are substantial Malay-related and culturally related services and goods available in this region. Joo Chiat Complex, Tanjong Katong Complex, Geylang Serai market.

There used to be a Malay cultural village here, but it was built too early and not a commercial success. It was too disneyfied.

Now Geylang Serai is most famous for its yearly (that’s yearly on the Islamic calendar) Id Bazaar. People come from all over to buy and eat the stuff.

What is becoming increasingly infamous these few years, is the cost inflation of renting a bazaar space. It’s now in the tens of thousands of dollars, for a space that is hot and small, out of the hopes of making some money.

Years ago you still had Malay mothers and grandmothers making their kueh and desserts for sale. Nowadays with the rentals, you need to generate vast amounts of profit to recoup costs. Everyone is frying and selling packaged things or whatever that can be prepared and move really fast. This bazaar used to be a bastion of Malay tradition, but now it is a bastion of Malay entrepreneurial efforts and creativity – people are selling Durian flavoured ice teas and guava desserts mixed with cappucino or chocolate or whatever that they think might sell. And sell, yes! If you ever want to consume foods that are kind of Malay but also modern and creative and not available in your Indonesian or Malaysian city, come here during the Geylang Serai bazaar and you will take home lots of creative culinary ideas.

Sugar, sugar is everywhere during the Geylang Serai bazaar period. The entire road is crowded. Most of the things you eat are very dentist friendly, since absolutely no one will sell unsweetened stuff. So eat the food at Geylang Serai… and come visit us the dentists.

Apart from the bazaar, there are many traditional Malay restaurants, provision stores and clothes shops in this area that are available off-season. It is even more important as a centre of Malay material culture for Malays, than Chinatown is for the Chinese. There is a restaurant here, Aroma Kampung, which even brought tears to my eyes for the childhood memories associated that are now gone. Their food tasted like how Malay food tasted like when I was a kid.

Nowadays there are a good many Halal restaurants along the same road, but these basically sell anything like Halal sushi, friend chicken/ fast foods, Hong Kong style halal dim sum or some other Chinese food like Bagus’ Yong Tau Foo. There are not so many authentic Malay restaurants in other places. But you can still find these in Geylang Serai… food that your Indonesian grandma used to make…

Dr. Goh speaks Malay fluently, so he can serve your grandma and grandpa in Malay. We’re only down the road from you if you live in the Eunos/ Geylang Serai region and need a dentist!

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