Finding a dentist from along the Geylang River

What if you live from somewhere along the Geylang River?

(Most Singaporeans don’t even know there is such a river!)

Now let me show you some pictures.
Wow, nice eh? Almost looks like some random picturesque European small town?

Finding a dentist if your starting point is one of the residences along Geylang River

I won’t tell you how it looked like in the past. Basically like Singapore River. That is, if you know how Singapore River looked and smelt like in the 1970s. And don’t forget, upstream of Geylang River there were some industrial areas, so the water exhibited a bunch of interesting colour changes from time to time.

Now the entire area is part of the Marina Watershed system, so everything is clean and kept very clean. None of this water actually flows out to sea anymore, so you don’t have big differences in water level due to tidal changes.

if you live along the Geylang river you will want to find a dentist near you

I was able to see quite a lot of fish in the Geylang River next to City Plaza. I took some pictures, although it is kind of hard to see them. Quite a number were over a foot long, which is pretty nice.

OK, the way to find us if you live in one of these places along Geylang River, is to walk along the River until when you get to Lorong 40 Geylang. Then take a walk up this road (should be moderately shaded) and you will emerge near us. The Home (picture of Jia) will be on your right when you exit from Geylang Lorong 40.

I don’t know if it is part of the government’s intention to gentrify Geylang, but it is definitely effective. There is a small town, community feel to the entire area. It isn’t like one of the HDBs in, say, Sengkang where there are nothing but blocks and blocks for many kilometres. This area still looks like a community.

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